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Joyner Lucas Quotes

“A lot of artists are afraid to be themselves and afraid to tell people what it really is.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“As we grow, we learn to handle situations differently than we normally would.” ~ Joyner Lucas.


“I can’t make everybody happy.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“I’ve always felt misunderstood. Growing up, it’s been my world against the teachers’ or my parents’ word, and nobody would ever listen to me.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“Show me how to be fearless often. I need real guidance. I ain’t scared of options. When life was blurry, you made it clearer. And God forbid if you died now, I know that I’d be well taken care of. I know you’ll be there waiting for me.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“My videos are meant to make people look at themselves at the end of the day. They all have a message.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“I just love music, in general. I love art.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“Nobody is really going to bring my vision to life like the way that I am. Before I was doing my own music videos, it was not really my vision.” ~ Joyner Lucas.


“I’m not trying to make everything this fantasy world about how I’m living this lavish life that I’m not really living.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“Born and raised here, got expelled from school here, sold drugs here, got caught doin’ a bunch of dumb sh*t and went to jail here. Been through the mud here. Got a police record here. Almost gave up here, then I figured it out. Now, I got the key to the city here.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

Joyner Lucas Quotes on Life

“I think everybody’s gone through some racist moment in their life.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“I ain’t picture my life like this. They don’t know what it’s like like this. Pretending I’m happy so I can smile like this and laugh like you. Sometimes, I wonder if I ever act like you. Could I finally fit in and maybe relax like woo?” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“I stopped watching sports because I didn’t want to watch someone running up and down the field making millions, and I’m not doing anything about it. That methodology made me go harder and take control of my career.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“It’s amazing how I teach him all about life, and in return, he teaches me what life is all about.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“You thought I was finished. You thought it was over. You thought I retired. You thought I went fishing with Kobe. Ngg, I’m still as the illest considered as one of the coldest. Still, I put a part in a rapper head like Moses.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“I always struggled with the idea of forgiving my enemies.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“I purposely put myself in places that I was when I was hungry. I’ll literally go back to the old apartments I used to live at and seek out the old car I used to have, and sit in there. Maybe borrow it or drive around so I can feel what it feels like. I would go to Florida and go to my old apartment complex, and sit on the steps so I could get that energy. I’ll purposely seek out old friends I went to school with so I could feel the energy of that point and time. It keeps me grounded so I never forget where I come from.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“I was born in the studio. I knew I loved music. I found my niche at, like, seven or eight. That’s when I knew I wanted to rap.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“I’ve never been into artists promoting drugs.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“Life is different now and sh*t has changed. It’s kind of like a time capsule for me where the new me is able to go back in time, with all of the assets and my accomplishments I have now, and to put myself back in those places and soak in the vibe.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“I did some things I ain’t proud of, but I never leave your side. Okay, I never leave your side. You had some sh*t you were going through, and you ain’t even cry. So if I take advantage of you, you won’t be so nice. You told me next time, there won’t be any next time.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“When you told me that you loved me, boy, I know you meant it. You suck the soul out of my body with your own intentions. Now, I’m stuck inside the life of prostitution, no discretions. And all you do is beat my *ss and leave me slowly breathless. But we don’t have the type of bond we used to have before, but I ain’t mad at all.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

Best Joyner Lucas Quotes

“And I still remember your baby shower like it was yesterday. And to your mom, it was special, me, just another day. I wish that you could see the pictures, all the fake, phony smilin’. Had to pretend that I was happy. Deep down, I was cryin’.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“I think I’m falling in love with a ballerina. Just let me hit it, and I ain’t waitin’ for a marriage neither.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“Look, I really feel lost without you. I hate the fact you think the world is better off without you. And my mind’s spinning. This is the line finish. Truth is, I don’t care how you feel about my feelings. And I’d be lying to you if I told you I’m fine. Listen, I know that you can hear me. All I need is like five minutes.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“I have been making music since I was a kid. I have written music since I was, like, seven or eight. I was in the studio at 9, 10. So I’ve had a lot of practice over a lot of years.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“Eminem has been someone that I’ve always considered the greatest ever, to ever do it. You know what I mean? In every aspect, the storytelling abilities, lyrical ability, honesty. You can hear it in my music that I’m heavily influenced by that.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“I would tell other artists to trust your gut and believe in your art. Find the right tools to help you create and manage and distribute your music.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“My goal has always been to show it doesn’t require a major label to be a successful artist.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“When I did ‘Happy Birthday,’ I wrote the treatment for the video before I wrote the record. and once I wrote the video, I had a clear understanding of what I wanted. I created the soundtrack to that video.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“I feel like that if I died, I would be a legend. I feel like there’s so much content, and I honestly feel if I go early, that’s when people do their research for real and get hip to you.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

“I began seeing certain things happen in my life and other people’s lives and getting inspired by it and writing about it. And that’s where you get ‘Happy Birthday’ from and ‘Ross Capicchioni’ from, or you even get ‘I’m Sorry’ from.” ~ Joyner Lucas.

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